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Top 5 Ways to use your PR Skills for Getting Closer to Your Crush

Hello, my wonderful Bees! This week’s blog is fairly short and to the point. Now it is geared more toward girls, sorry boys, but I think everyone might still find it entertaining. So here are 5 Ways to use your PR Skills for Getting Closer to your Crush.

  1. Creep on their Facebook and or any other social networking websites to A) figure out if they have a significant other or B) just to start at their pictures to see how cute they are. Remember social media is our tool and a tool that we are very good at using too. tumblr facebook modern family twitter social media
  2. Use your great organizing and timing skills to plan out when you will run into him on campus. Plus it will give you a chance to make sure you always look flawless so he will just immediately swoon at first sight. crush christmas icarly miranda cosgrove
  3. If your crush is in your friend group, plan group outings with everyone so you get to spend some extra time with him in a relaxed environment. And sometimes you just need your girls to help you out a bit when you get tongue-tied. Group date now could equal one on one date later on. group project
  4. As PR people, we are normally better with words than with numbers. So if you suck at math like I do, ask your crush to tutor you one night. Never know where a late night of numbers could lead you (it kind of worked in Mean Girls).math
  5. Edit, Edit, Edit Ladies! We have been told over and over again to proofread our papers and assignments…well maybe it’s time to proofread our lives. Is this boy you are chasing after really worth it? Take a step back and think about how much effort you are putting into and if he is returning the favor or not. You are a QUEEN BEE for goodness sakes, don’t you ever let your crown slip or your makeup run because of a stupid boy.beyonce gmlscrn mcswt tmcswt the mrs carter showTalk to you next week, Bees!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to use your PR Skills for Getting Closer to Your Crush

  1. I LOVE this post! I’m definitely guilty of being super duper awkward around my crush and I never thought I could apply what I was learning in class to my social life! I’ll definitely take the “proof read your life” tip to heart and start to edit my life so I don’t sound as incredibly awkward ever again!


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